Bautista, Canales & Abogados

Has grown to become a prestigious law firm in the Republic of Peru. With over 25 associated offices across the country, we offer a comprehensive range of legal services and advice to businesses operating at the heart of local or global trade and commerce.

Our tenacity carries over to our work upholding civil and human rights, where we tackle cases with exceptionally difficult legal barriers. We have the legal savvy and resources to delivery top-notch results for our clients, and our firm has represented individuals and organizations in some of the more difficult civil rights challenges that have arisen in the past two decades. In doing so, we’ve managed cases that have presented very complex legal and factual issues, which were often related to highly charged political and even to historical events. Our clients have included such diverse communities as victims of City Mayors abuse of power, conscripted civilians and entire villages.

In this cutting-edge practice area, the firm vigilantly keeps abreast of new state and national legislation and case-law developments. We achieve positive precedents by zealously prosecuting in our clients’ interests.
We are committed to being a responsible business which means taking responsibility for the best for our clients’ rights and their environment and seeking justice for them as much and as quickly as possible. It means taking responsibility for giving back and being a positive contributor to the communities in which we operate. And it means taking responsibility for fostering a truly diverse workforce and an inclusive workplace so that all our people can flourish and fulfil their highest potential, for the benefit of them, the firm and our clients.